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2017 Queen of Jasper Lions Rodeo

2016 Court and Past Queens
Jenna Turner

Jenna Turner

2016 Queen

Abbie Suggs

Abbie Suggs

2016 Duchess

Sydnie King

Sydnie King

2016 Princess

Shanelle Waggoner

Shanelle Waggoner

2015 Queen

McKenna Greene

McKenna Greene

2014 Queen

Danielle Kemp

Danielle Kemp

2010 Queen

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  1. Each contestant must have never been married and never had children, must be a Texas or Louisiana resident. Age as of January 1, 2017

  2. Former National and State title holders, (i.e. competitors at Miss Rodeo America, competitors or winners from Miss Rodeo USA) from Texas or Louisiana are not eligible to compete. This does not include Miss MRTT, MRTP, TJHRA,THSRA or Little Britches title holders. If you have a current title other than state or national, you must send in a written statement from your director stating you are able to compete and wear the Jasper Lions Rodeo crown and banner for all required appearances. ANY QUESTION ABOUT ELIGIBILITY, CONTACT PAGEANT DIRECTOR PRIOR TO ENTRY DEADLINE.

  3. $80 entry fee, application, parent release and two 5x7 black/white or color photo must be turned in by deadline of April 21, 2017 or a $20 late fee will be required.

  4. Each contestant is required to sell at least 200 raffle tickets at $1 each to raise $200 cash. Ten points will be given for the required amount sold. There are no extra points given for extra ticket sales.

  5. Western attire (hat, boots, etc.) is required to be worn at all times. In the horsemanship part of the competition the girls are required to wear a white long sleeve collared shirt (no ruffles plain shirts only) and blue or black jeans. No chaps allowed.

  6. For horsemanship everyone must ride with a western saddle and bridle. Split reins are required. Tie downs are optional but points may be deducted. That will be up to the judges. Each age group will do a flag run and a presentation run. You will be given a flag pattern during the horsemanship portion of the competition. You must ride the same horse throughout the entire contest.

  7. Each Queen and Duchess contestant will be required to give a 2 minute speech on “Their state” or The Jasper Lions Rodeo”. Anything over 2 minutes past will be deducted. All contestants will answer an age appropriate impromptu question. Princess will give a thirty second or less radio commercial about the Jasper Lion Rodeo.

  8. The rodeo parade is Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 5:00 pm. downtown. You will ride in the back of a truck. No horses are needed. If you choose not to attend the parade then you must attend the Lions Club Luncheon on Friday, May 12, 2015 at noon. NO EXCEPTIONS! You must make the parade or the luncheon but are invited to do both. I would like to encourage the contestants that live close enough distance to make the parade and luncheon.

  9. MRJ reigning title holders cannot compete in our contest until the year following in which their title is relinquished and only if they advance to the next group.

  10. All judges’ decisions are final. Score sheets will be sent, if you send a stamped / address envelope with your application. Please put three stamps on it and envelope large enough to hold the score sheets.

  11. The winner of the MRJ contest is eligible to take the MRJ title to MRT competition after the completion of her reign, or upon consulting with the Lions Clubs for special consideration due to age eligibility. The winner of the MRJ may not compete for any other title until after her year is completed without prior approval of the Lions Club or designated representative.


Please call 409-658-0322  if you have any questions, and email your application to Gail Kemp or mail to:

Attention Miss Rodeo Jasper

Edward Jones

805 South Wheeler

Jasper, Texas 75951


Make checks payable to Jasper Lions Inc., and call to confirm your application was received whether you will attend the parade and/or Luncheon.

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